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Commercialised Technologies

Following is a list of commercialized technologies developed either on our own or in collaboration with our clients and reputed research institutions:

Technology Own Technology/ Collaborators
Visbreaking (coil and soaker) Indian Institute of Petroleum ("IIP")
Delayed coking IIP
Delayed coking IOCL Research and Development ("IOCL R&D")(sour crude)
Solvent dewaxing/de-oiling IIP
Solvent deasphalting IIP
SDA with supercritical solvent recovery IIP, HPCL
Lube extraction IIP, CPCL
Sulpholane extraction for BT recovery/ food grade Hexane production IIP
Tetra-Ethylene Glycol Extraction for BT recovery Own technology
Raffinate/ Light Naphtha Hydrotreating for FG Hexane IOCL R&D
Gas cracking for Ethylene IPCL
Diesel Hydrotreating IOCL R&D
Gas sweetening (MDEA based) Own technology
Sulphur recovery (Claus) Own technology
Sulphur recovery ( tail gas treating) Own technology
Sulphur recovery (enriched air) CPCL
N-Paraffin from kerosene IIP
Naphtha isomerisation IOCL-R&D
Bitumen blowing IOCL-R&D
Sulphur recovery (liquid phase oxidation) GNFC
Catalytic degassing of sulphur Own technology
LPG sweetening using continuous film contactor (CFC technology) IOCL R&D
Membrane separation of CO2 from natural gas IICT
SO2 removal from tail/flue gases-regenerative process IIP
LPG and/or C2/C3 recovery from  natural gas Own technology
LPG and/or C2/C3 recovery from LNG Indian Institute of Chemical Technology ("IICT")
LPG recovery (absorption process) Own technology
Condensate Fractionation Own technology
Spent caustic treatment Own technology
Diesel desulphurisation adsorptive/ reactive process IOCL R&D
Kero / ATF hydrodesulphurization IOCL R&D