Life at NIL

Life at NIL
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life at eil
Life at NIL

As soon as employees come on board, they become an integral part of the NIL Family. In NIL, we focus on equal employment opportunity, diversity & inclusion in all processes.  Realizing the importance of a healthy work-life balance, NIL provides them with many avenues both within and outside the Organisation such as:


  • Modernized gymnasium within office premises, trekking Clubs, participation in tournaments to promote healthy lifestyle of the employees
  • Organisation of various events like Annual Sports Day, Women’s Day, Foundation Day etc strengthening the bond amongst employees
  • Competitions and suitable rewards on occasions like Hindi Pakhwada, Environment Day, Vigilance Awareness Week for employees and family members infusing belongingness 
  • Supportive role in Health & Safety by way of medical facilities to its employees and family, regular health-checkups, insurance schemes, Post-retirement medical coverage for the employees
  • Employee Engagement Surveys to feel the pulse of the employees and bring in better alignment