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Environment Engineering

NIL is capable of providing the entire range of services related to environmental pollution assessment, control and management for various major sectors of industry. The environment management services provided by NIL include:

  • Design of industrial water treatment plants
  • Design of industrial waste-water treatment plants
  • Environmental impact assessment Studies
  • Solid and hazardous waste management
  • Environmental monitoring systems : air quality,  design of monitoring network
  • Environmental Audit
  • Carbon footprint – calculation and analysis
  • Water footprint – calculation and analysis
  • Specialised environmental services
    - Analysis and solutions to air quality problems
    - Groundwater quality studies
    - Troubleshooting of operating plants

One of the key features of NIL, in operating plants, is the value added services which our clients get in terms of optimized chemical and power consumption, availability of free technical advice on various issues, sustainability in operation and assured treatment quality which is unique to NIL by virtue of its knowledge base.

NIL has undertaken a large number of environment engineering assignments in India and abroad including assignments from international organizations such as World Bank, IFC, ADB, etc.